Wide ties are a timeless accessory if you wear them right. Many trends come and go but wide ties have managed to stand the test of time and become a classic. They were extremely popular in the 80s and have now gained popularity too. Wide ties are a vintage charm that can be worn as attention-grabbing accessories. Here are a few tips to rock wide ties in the modern era:

1. Proportion

The width of a wide tie should compliment the width of the blazer. This will give you a balanced look. There should be a harmony in proportions of your outfit and your tie so you have a more polished look.

2. Choose the Right Knot

Choose a knot that can offer a neat finish. Whether it is Half Windsor, or Trinity, or even Pratt, you go for, make sure it can hide all the extra fabric and does not appear bulky. The knot of the wide tie should not overpower the shirt.

3. Experiment with Patterns and Textures

Wide ties have more area to showcase patterns and incorporate textures. They are like a canvas. So while picking wide ties, feel free to experiment with different patterns and textures like stripes, polka dots, or even different textures. Make sure to balance it well to avoid looking messy.

4. Coordinate the colors

It is important that your outfit has a harmony of colors. Harmonize the color of your wide tie with the rest of your outfit. Select complementary or contrasting colors depending on how bold you are feeling. Go for subtle tones if you want to look sophisticated. Choose a pop of color to make a statement and stand out. 

5. Style as You Like

Just like the standard ties, wide ties can be paired with formal or casual outfits as per your style. You can pair wide ties with a casual blazer. You can wear it with a fusion between formal and casual outfits so it can add a spark to your style while also looking contemporary.

6. Choose the Right Fabric

Choose fabrics that hold their shape well. The fabric of the tie should complement the overall feel of your outfit. Silk is a good option for wide ties. You can buy ties online from The Tie Company.

7. Wear it with Confidence

Wear wide ties with confidence as confidence is the best accessory. Know that you have used a timeless classic to style up your outfit. It is your confidence that will elevate your entire attire and make you look stylish.

8. Personalize

Always add your personal touch to accessories and make it strategic. Pair it with a pocket square or a lapel pin. Use your personal touches to amplify the overall appearance of wide ties. You can buy these accessories online at The Tie Company.


In modern fashion, wide ties have made a comeback that is remarkable. They offer the perfect mix of contemporary style and vintage vibes. You can easily incorporate wide ties into your wardrobe by understanding color, style and personalization. With help of these tips from The Tie Company, you are ready to rock the wide ties.

December 28, 2023 — The Tie Company