Combining casual clothing with formal wear is an art that needs to be mastered. In men’s fashion, knowing this art can instantly elevate your outfit. The crew neck t-shirt is a casual staple but adding a blazer to it can transform your entire look so you look so much more sophisticated. Now, how about adding a pocket square to it? Sounds perfect, right? Even such a small and subtle accessory can uplevel your entire outfit. 

Although we are known for ties for men, our pocket squares are a beautiful accessory. We have a range of elite, deluxe, luxury, and essential pocket squares for you to choose from. In this blog, we are sharing with you a few ways to style a pocket square with a crew neck t-shirt and blazer.


The color of the pocket square you choose to pair with a crew neck t-shirt and blazer is very important. Opt for a color that either complements the color of your blazer or t-shirt really well or a color that completely contrasts it. The Tie Company has a variety of colors available ranging from basic colors like black and white to bright colors like red, purple, blue, and pink. 


Make your outfit more appealing visually by experimenting with patterns. If your t-shirt has a bold pattern, opt for a simple plain pocket square. If your crew neck t-shirt is plain, opt for a patterned pocket square.


The fold of your pocket square has a significant impact on your outfit. You can go for a classic fold or fold your pocket square innovatively. We suggest experimenting with different techniques until you find one that complements you and your outfit the best. We also have pre-folded pocket squares in case you prefer the basics or want to save time.


The easiest way to add depth to your outfit is to incorporate a different texture. Pair a satin pocket square with a cotton t-shirt for a contrast that is attention grabbing and elevates your visual appeal. Feel free to mix and match textures according to your liking. 


The best way to pair a pocket square with a crew neck t-shirt and blazer is to strike a balance between casual and formal parts of your outfit. For casual meetings, for example, you can pick a cotton pocket square so you get a more refined look.

Reminder: Confidence is Key

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. The color, pattern, and textures you use are important, but confidence is the key to elevate your outfit in the best way possible. Wear the outfit you choose with confidence. This will help you shine more than any of the tips we have shared above.


Wearing a pocket square with a crew neck t-shirt and blazer will add more personality to your outfit. Making a lasting impression on people becomes easy with pocket squares or even ties for men from The Tie Company. So go ahead and browse till you find the one that suits you best and makes you stand out of the crowd.
February 09, 2024 — The Tie Company